The Great Gatsby

I am so glad I choose this for the first of my books in the 2013 Classic Book Challenge. I vaguely remembered this story from high school. I remembered this was a love story, somewhat tragic, with a bit of whimsy. After reading this I realized I did to remember the whole story. Reading this as a teenager and reading this as an adult is a completely different experience.

As I read this book I genuinely felt sorry for Gatsby while feeling frustration towards Daisy.  In all her uncertainty one realizes the turmoil Gatsby is placed under. He wants to return to his love, although it seems Daisy wants the same thing, she won;t go back to him because of his lack of heritage. New money vs. Old money.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a old timey love story with lots of fashion and flair. When men were men and women were delicate fun creatures.


I am also very excited to see the movie coming out later this year!