The Remote Worker’s Guide to Excellence

When I first read this book it was not relevant to my work life but I still felt it to be helpful. Now that I am no longer working for a corporation and take on contract work, excerpts from this book resonate in my mind. The best practices outlined within the book help me organize and prioritize my work and home life.
Creating work hours help me split up my day. I know when I am in work mode I can not be distracted with personal tasks such as blogging and reading. Work is work and personal is personal. Dzotsi recommends you create your workspace as if you were “at work,” would you take personal calls and work on personal things if you were in an actual office? Then it should not be done when you are in “at work” mode.
The more I work from home for my boss who is in another state the more useful this book is to me. I am looking forward to reading more books from this extremely talented author.