Review: Filthy Beautiful Forever

Filthy Beautiful Forever
Filthy Beautiful Forever by Kendall Ryan
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I am disappointed in this book. With the little bits of Collins introduced in the first three books I was expecting him to have a sweeter story. I did not get what I expected. The love interest is not likable. She just shows up on his doorstop and expects him to hold on to something he promised as a teenager. She looked him up online, enough to find out where he lives and what he does, but conveniently looked over the pictures of his live in girlfriend and then just decided to roll the dice and see what happens. Just because you tell yourself you are not a home wrecker, and proceed to display actions to support you being a home wrecker, does not negate the fact you are a home wrecker. I could not like her. No matter what.
Then there’s Collins. The older, “mature,” brother. Just hung on to his hot model girlfriend until something better came along. That’s the right way to do it right? No? Ok then let’s make out with the long lost love of my life, who I have made no effort what so ever in the last 15 years to find, under the same roof of the home I share with my girlfriend of three years. That bitch does not deserve to be
broken up with in a decent manner after three years, not months, into a relationship. The icing on the cake? Let’s make her look like the bad bitch by having her grinding up on some guy but let’s forget that Collins dry humped someone prior to that.…

Then the best part. The ending. Just threw it together in a few weeks and we will live happily ever after. I rolled my eyes throughout this whole book. I am a sucker for a good love story. This was not one.

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