Reading Slump

I’m in a reading slump. I can not find a good book to read. The last book I read, one I still think about, and would recommend others to read, is Roman Crazy. I’ve read several books since then and have been disappointed by most of them.  

What is happening to my favorite authors? Are they getting too comfortable and not putting in the same effort as their first few books? Am I becoming a book snob? I think my expectations have been raised. 

I read all the time, I find myself slowing down because I can’t seem to find anything appealing. I don’t want to go back to authors who used to be my go to, because they are just not doingit for me anymore. 

I might just take a few weeks off reading and just watch some movies. Or reread books that I loved in the past. Maybe that will help me get over this rut I’m in. 

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