Review: One with You

One with You
One with You by Sylvia Day

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I almost skipped reading Captivated by You (CBY) because I knew it was going to be a filler book. Almost. I read it anyway, against my better judgement. I was right. There was nothing pertinent to the main story in that book. When there was finally a release date set for One With You (OWY) I decided to read Bared to You (BTY), Reflected in You (RIN), and Entwined With You (EWY) without reading CBY, then read OWY. It made no difference. I loved the first three books, i’ve read them 3-4 times already. I was one of the fans who was not happy when it was announced this trilogy was now a series. Naturally, I was eager to read OWY because I wanted to know how it all ends. I should have stopped at EWY.

Sure this book gives us closure but didn’t we already know what was going to happen? They were already married, they were already going to live together. What happens when there are 480 available pages? Tangent story lines pop up. For instance…Monica Stanton. What was the point of all of that? All that showed is how selfish and self involved Eva and Gideon are. Even in death they seemed to make it about them. Where did that come from? Why was it necessary? How did that add to the story line? How did someone who bugged a makeup compact and a Rolex miss a whole hidden personality??

Speaking of “in death,” the author mentions earlier on in the series that Eva calls him Ace because of some character in series of books she reads. The In Death series by J.D. Robb happen to be one of my favorite series. When I finished OWY I started thinking about how Eva and Gideon are so similar to Eve Dallas and Roarke in the JD Robb books. Eve is introverted and has had her life a certain way for so long she has to make a conscious effort to respect Roarke and his very social personality, that is exactly what Gideon goes through in OWY with Eva. This whole book felt like I was reading some fan fiction excerpt of the In Death series.

What did I miss? Don’t get me wrong. I like the story, it’s really sweet. I love Eva and Gideon (Eve and Roarke, yes i’m still stuck on that), I even like the writing. Maybe there was just too much that took away from the heart of this love story that is making me not love it as much as I did up until the end of EWY. Right until that last bit where it said there’s more to their story.

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