Dark Pleasures (1-3) by J. Kenner

I typically do not read the reviews about a book before I start reading them. If I am a fan of the the author I don’t even read the synopsis because I just know the book is just going to be good. I really wish I had done both of those things when it came to these novellas. I am not a fan of paranormal or fantasy books. I am sure for someone who likes that genre they would enjoy these novellas. I am, however, someone who enjoys reading. Even though I did not like the type of story this I can always appreciate a well written book. Lots of fantasy. I liked the flame heads and the ability to heal without scars.

What I don’t understand about certain authors who publish these novellas within days of each other is why do they use up precious word count to recap what happened in the previous book? Each of these books are under 150 pages. They were all published within three days of each other. I would already know what happened and  I don’t want to read the same thing I just read over again. It takes away from the progression of the story, in my opinion. Another thing I don’t get…why not just publish one book if you are going to release them all at the same time. It would just be one continuous story without losing any flow.

The next time I am at a book signing or book event this will be one of the questions which I will be sure to ask. I like Julie Kenner, I had the pleasure of meeting her at BookBash in Orlando. I have enjoyed reading her other books. I just could not get into these. The books are great, they just are not my cup of tea.

                   Find Me in Darknessfind me in Pleasure

A doomed woman. A dangerous and mysterious man. And an epic passion that cannot be denied…

From New York Times, USA Today and International bestselling author J. Kenner writing as Julie Kenner

Don’t miss Mal and Christina’s story, coming soon:

Find Me in Darkness

Find Me in Pleasure

Find Me in Passion


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