Review: The Redeemer

The Redeemer
The Redeemer by J.D. Chase

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

oh my God I am so glad I am finally finished reading this atrocious book. It took me almost a week (felt like year) to read this thing.
Do your self a favor and move on to the next book in your reading list and just skip this horrible story.
It was not bad enough I put myself through The Player. I don’t know why I felt the need to be punished and read this story.
This book was all over the place.

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One thought on “Review: The Redeemer

  1. We all like different books, right? Some I love, some I hate. But if I hate one, I will stop reading. Why didn’t you?

    This series isn’t your average romance – it states clearly in the description with the clear warning that it isn’t for everyone. But telling people to skip it who might actually like it if they’re into this sort of thing isn’t playing ball. It is a multi #1 bestseller so there are plenty of people who do like to read this type of thing.

    Telling people to avoid it if they prefer ‘safe’ traditional romance is one thing but to give no information, just a generic bad review with no specifics isn’t helpful to me, as the author, or to readers who would like to make their own minds up.

    This isn’t me bashing you for one star reviews. If they’re constructive, help readers to make up their minds about a book, or maybe help me to improve my writing technically, then great, bring them on. I do read reviews. Some of the best reviews I’ve had are the ones that challenge me with specifics. They make me think. Feel. Review my work. Sadly, I’ve found no value in yours.


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