Review: The One

The One
The One by Kiera Cass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I did not write a review for the first two books in this series since I read them all together. I wanted to read them al before I expressed my opinions. I want to like these books, I really do. I want to like the love story, I want to like the story of hope and I especially want to like the strong female character, but I can’t do it because that very same strong female character drove me crazy.
This girl, from a poor family, gets chosen to be a part of beauty contest to be married off to the prince. Ok I can live with that. She has a boyfriend who she broke up with, then she wanted to be with him when she see him again, but then she wants to be with the Prince because she really likes him. Then she is mad at him because he is keeping his options open. What is wrong with that?
She embodies “love the one you’re with.” I think there is even a quote in the book where she states that exact sentiment. Really? Is that what we should teach the women of today? There was so much flip flopping going on, it was extremely frustrating. The worst part…she finally realized she was absolutely in love with him when he gives her the bracelet and earrings, materialistic much? This could have been one really good book if there was not all this back and forth going on. Same with the Prince, although can you fault a hormonal eighteen year old who has never been around girls and now they are just throwing them at him. Of course he is going to make out with all of them, especially if the one he wants can’t figure out what the hell she wants.
This trilogy won’t be one I recommend to my circle of book lovers. If they happen to come across it on their own then I will leave it to them to form their own opinions.

What did you think? Did I miss something?

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