Review: Enjoying the Chase

Enjoying the Chase Enjoying the Chase by Kirsty Moseley My rating: 4 of 5 stars This would never happen. You have a guy who is super hot, goes home with a girl every time he goes out, lusting after a girl who will not sleep with him until she has fallen for him. In what world would a man living that lifestyle go over four months without any sexual contact? If he is as hot as he says he is, then in what world would any girl resist him for four months. The story is really cute, you can see he is changing for her and they are falling for each other as the pick up lines get more and more cheesy. It is a bit too long but worth the read. It is a change from other books which tend to be emotional roller coasters. If you want some light reading with some romance in it, this is the book for you. Oh and it’s a great resource for cheesy pick up lines. Here’s my favorite: I grinned and shook my head, she really was funny. “No actually I was going to bet you $20 that I could kiss you, without using my lips.” I stated crossing my arms over my chest confidently. Her nose crinkled up as she frowned and bit her lip thinking about what I said. “That’s impossible. You can’t kiss someone without using your lips.” she said looking at me like I was crazy. I smirked at her letting her think about it, she hadn’t seen this before and I was extremely grateful. “Ok yeah, I’ll take that bet.” she said smiling confidently. I stepped closer to her and she instantly stepped back bumping into the wall behind her. I smiled, she looked like a deer trapped in the headlights of an oncoming car, so cute and vulnerable that it made my dick shift in my jeans. I bent my head slowly towards hers making her breathing speed up as her eyes never left mine. I pressed my lips against hers gently and tried not to moan at the soft feel of them. Oh shit I shouldn’t have kissed her because now I didn’t want to leave. My whole body was itching to grab hold of her and kiss the life out of her and hear her moan my name. I forced myself to pull back after a couple of seconds. “I lost.” I whispered to her obviously shocked face View all my reviews


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