Review: The Arrangement 14: The Ferro Family

The Arrangement 14: The Ferro Family
The Arrangement 14: The Ferro Family by H.M. Ward
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

When i started reading this 14th (!!) installment I thought it was the end. Apparently it is not. I really wish I had known this when I invested my time in reading this clusterfuck. How many ways can this story go? Out of 14 installments Avery has attempted to quit being a call girl and being with Sean more times than are normal. This is the worst game of Tug O’ War ever!
It’s exhausting. I will not invest any more time to this series or any other books by H. M. Ward. As of book 14 I am formulating my own ending: Marty, a jealous man, grudgingly friend-zoned, is the killer. Avery is able to finally get a brain and realize she can stop working for Black as long as she stops signing more contracts. She has skipped her finals so she really does not need the money to stay in school so she can quit. Avery and Sean end up getting matching marriage counselors as a wedding present from the rest of the Ferros. The Fucking End.

I’m done.

There are many many other books to read out there. I’m adding this to the same crap list as The Last Boyfriend and The Last Husband.

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