Sequels, Trilogies, Series, and Novellas…OH MY!

I am not sure how I feel about these new self published authors writing books which end being Sequels, Trilogies, Series, and Novellas. Why can’t they just write one really good, even if it is 600 pages, which tells the story start to finish. That is a concept maybe the authors need to re-visit. I am sure it is possible to write one  really  good book which will sell millions and billions of copies. right?

Did J.K. Rowling start it with the whole Harry Potter craze? Come to think of it, no she didn’t.  When I read those book I was really interested in the story until book 6 and 7. At that point it just seemed she was writing screen plays and not writing in the same style as in the first five books. I can’t be the only one imagining this.

James Patterson does the same thing. When I started reading the Alex Cross series, I loved them. Then he started getting movie offers, which then lead him to start writing big car chases and more blow ups. I have invested so much of my time and money into the Alex Cross franchise now i feel like a quitter if I don’t read the new books, but I really don’t want to read them. Is that bad?

While I am on this rant, I am going to go to the first author I remember saying this about. John Grisham. A Time to Kill, AWESOME overall. Now there is a sequel??? REALLY? Why not leave well enough alone. Yes you wrote a fantastic book. Yes it was a great movie (how could it not be with shirtless Matthew McConaughey in it?) but come on. Why not leave on a high note? Then his other great books (The Client, The Chamber, The Rainmaker, The Pelican Brief) become movies then his books started be coming screen plays. Everyone was chasing everyone, cars were blowing up, everything was a Hollywood production. I stopped reading his books. I used to make it a point to get the books on the date they were realsed because I loved his writing. That stopped about 6 books ago. Nope, can’t do it.

Then comes along E.L. James with the 50 Shades trilogy. I loved the books. Could that story have been told in one book…YES. In Fifty Shades Freed, it just seemed like the bok dragged and there were outrageous situations added to get to the word quota. Filler Stories. Totally unnecessary.

The last couple of authors I have read have been the same way. I am tired of it. I don’t wait to wait for the continuation (Sylvia Day, really? Turning a trilogy into a five book series because the publisher wanted it? Really???) I want one book and to be done with it. I want closure. Is that too much to ask for?

When I read The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, it took me forever to read it. It was in paperback, over 1000 pages (not double spaced, 12pt font). It was PERFECT! I didn’t have to wait 6-12 months to see how the story would end. I knew when I read the final page.

Can we please go back to that? I am also to blame. I keep reading the books which are part of a series. Can I take a stand and read only stand alone books? Not right now I can not! There are three series, at the very minimum, I am emotionally invested in that I can’t just give up on. BUT I can from now now only read the books which I know are not going to trick me and tell me Stayed Tuned Because the Story Continues…It’s not over. I need more money. UGH!

Am I done with this rant? I think so. I might need to step away and revisit. But I am sticking to my vow to not read any more books which will lead to a series. I have had enough! There are way too many books out there, well written books, which I need to dedicate my time and money to.


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