My sad Classic Challenge update

I challenged myself to read 24 classics this year. I am not on pace to read them. Is that bad? There are so many to choose from but I can not get myself to read any of them. Is it because I won’t be able to just breeze through them like I can with the books I have read recently? My attention span, it seems, is not where it used to be. I really want to read some of the classics I missed while in school, I just need to do it. I have hundreds of books on my tablet to ready and waiting for me to read. What is stopping me? Me.

I am taking a stand, as of today I will get back on course with reading something classical. Maybe. OK I am going to do it, really. I am going to make myself report updates on a monthly basis, this should hold me accountable to myself.  I hope I will have better results to report at the end of the month. Cross my fingers.


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