Silken Prey


John Sanford does not let me down every time I read another Prey book. I look forward to his books every time I finish the current one. What I love most about his books is that they are not predictable. There are several authors whose books I have to read as soon as I know they are released, but the writing styles sometimes become predictable and redundant. You know, cliffhangers at the end of each chapter? Then if they are fortunate to have their books made into movies then it seems like they are writing screenplays not books. Not John Sanford. Each and every book I have read of his, I have throughly enjoyed. I don’t tire of his style of writing. There is not a chapter of back story in each book. Really, after it being the #th    of the series the reader should already know the story right? Rarely will a reader pick up in the middle of a series of book, unless they just don’t there is a series. I like that in the beginning of the book I don’t already know what to expect. And I know there won’t be a action packed shoot out, car chase, and over the top action sequences which should be left to the big screen. 

This was another great story. I recommend it to someone who wants to read a good suspense novel. 

Here’s the summary:

Murder, scandal, political espionage, and an extremely dangerous woman. Lucas Davenport’s going to be lucky to get out of this one alive.


Very early one morning, a Minnesota political fixer answers his doorbell. The next thing he knows, he’s waking up on the floor of a moving car, lying on a plastic sheet, his body wet with blood. When the car stops, a voice says, “Hey, I think he’s breathing,” and another voice says, “Yeah? Give me the bat.” And that’s the last thing he knows.
Davenport is investigating the smear when the trail leads to the man’s disappearance, then — very troublingly — to the Minneapolis police department, then — most troublingly of all — to a woman who could give Machiavelli lessons. She has very definite ideas about the way the world should work, and the money, ruthlessness, and sheer will to make it happen.
No matter who gets in the way.
Filled with John Sandford’s trademark razor-sharp plotting and some of the best characters in suspense fiction, Silken Prey is further evidence for why the Cleveland Plain Dealer called the Davenport novels “a perfect series,” and Suspense Magazine wrote, “If you haven’t read any of the Prey series, you need to jump on board right this second.”

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