Oleander Girl

I won this book from a Twitter sweepstake. I was not sure about this book. I had seen (not read) THE MISTRESS OF SPICES a couple of years ago and I was mesmerized. OLEANDER GIRL is a great read. The writing is superb, the flow of the story kept me engaged. Living in a culture where your actions not only affect you but also your family is not something everyone is familiar with. Sometimes decisions which should be made are not because of the impact on our parents, relatives and the other party’s family. When faced with these dilemmas you have to appreciate the person taking on the weight of the consequences. Life is not so black and white in Asian cultures. Everything you say or do has an impact on so many other people. This is why I loved this book.

Having had to make a decision which would affect my parents and brother’s future, I can relate to what Korobi went through. It is not always the easiest decision to make but knowing you have a support system makes it so much easier. Read this book, it is worth every minute of your time.

oleander girl


Orphaned at birth, seventeen-year-old Korobi Roy is the scion of a distinguished Kolkata family and has enjoyed a privileged, sheltered childhood with her adoring grandparents. But she is troubled by the silence that surrounds her parents’ death and clings fiercely to her only inheritance from them: the unfinished love note she found hidden in her mother’s book of poetry. Korobi dreams of one day finding a love as powerful as her parents’, and it seems her wish has come true when she meets the charming Rajat, the only son of a high-profile business family.
On the night of their engagement party, Korobi’s grandfather dies of a sudden heart attack. His death reveals the family’s unexpected financial problems as well as a dark secret.
This secret will shatter Korobi’s sense of self and will thrust her—against the wishes of her fiancé and his family—out of her sheltered Kolkata life into a courageous and troubled search, in the company of an attractive stranger, across post 9/11America, a country that she finds at once dangerous, unwelcoming and alluring. What she discovers at the end will force her to make the most difficult choice of her life.




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