Great Expectations

As a part of my 2013 Classic Book Challenge I wanted to read an old favorite of mine. Great Expectations has always reminded me of my high school years. I read this book when I was first being introduced to reading. My high school teacher had suck a great knack for getting us emotionally involved in any books we read. She had such great passion. She made me want not only read but also completely get attached to the character on a more than superficial level. Great Expectations really did that for me.

I was reading this book at a time when I was falling in love with my first boyfriend. Now that I reflect on it I can see how Pip’s love was like the love of boyfriend towards me. I can understand the cruelty of Estella towards him and his consistent love for her.

Aside from the love story I forgot all about the other parts of the book. The Benefactor and his love towards a child who showed kindness in getting him food and then making sure he was always cared for. This book had such greatness to it which I had forgotten due to my focusing on only the love story.



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