Accidentally on Purpose

I came across this book from some books I randomly picked up online. I wasn’t too sure I wanted to read it when I started it. I has some trepidation since I did not know who the author was nor did I read a synopsis of the book before I started reading. I started reading this book last night at 11pm and at 4am I was still reading it, but I had to finally stop because I could not keep my eyes open. I finally finished it this afternoon.

I have read love stories, many many many, in the past. This one, I would have to say, is quite possibly the most unexpected and real one I have read. Usually you have one girl, one guy, one love story. This is refreshingly unexpected. Things like falling in love with two men at the same time really do happen. I can attest to it. Love is not always so black and white with doves and butterflies everywhere. Love happens, sometimes multiple people get hurt and sometimes the unexpected happens.

I found the blog of the author and as I was reading a comment she made defending her book, i realized what she was saying is exactly what I was thinking when I finished this book. The description and summary I would have given is what I read in her summary.

***Spolier Alert***

Here is what she has to say regarding this book

“First let me say that while most details in my books are definitely fictitous ( ie:the wealth of the families), the situations are real. Some may argue that there are too many things happening: cheating, possible alcoholism, implied drug usage, “mommy problems” and other family problems, children “concieved out of wedlock”, depression, domestic violence, promiscuity, and extremely bad decision making. Maybe you’ve never experienced any of those things, or maybe you don’t know anyone who has. I personally have been on one side or the other of all of these issues (seriously sometimes all at once) and so have a good deal of people I know or am aquainted with. That’s real life, and you never know what’s going on behind closed doors. I’m not at all suggesting that EVERYONE has had these experiences or knows someone who has, because I’m not one dimensional like that. I would never make the assumption that because I’m not familiar with something that it can’t be or that it isn’t realistic. The world is too big for us to know it all.”


At the beginning of the story, Emmy was CCC- confident, content, and carefree. Except for a little bit of loneliness from time to time, she was okay with her life. Remember Em dancing around in her kitchen in her underwear with a bottle of tequila? Some say she was juevenile in the beginning. I wouldn’t use that term, but I am willing to admit that she was definitely…younger. As the story grows more serious, her maturity level grows as well.

Emmy doesn’t have any lousy history to blame her change in behavior on. She made a poor decision in the very beginning and it snowballed from there. It only takes one bad decision to change everything, to ultimately change a person. How many of us really mean to do stupid things? Who wakes up in the morning and says “I’m pretty content with my life right now. I think I’ll shake things up by cheating on my wonderful significant other and I’m going to do every terrible thing I’ve never considered doing before!”? But it happens, and not just to people with baggage or “good reason” to behave like that. Ever see A Walk on the Moon, Unfaithful, or Closer? I’m sure there’s a great deal more of other movies.

Emmy lies to herself at first about what she’s doing, but as time goes on, she is acutely aware of how much she’s messed up her life and the lives of others. When she and Luke are having a heated discussion about her, she wasn’t really being sarcastic. Bitter maybe, but not with him. It was inwardly directed. She never implies that life was perfect, even in the end. She admitted to her friends she was afraid she’d hurt Luke and she admitted to the reader that she will probably make more mistakes, though I never suggested on what scale said mistakes would be. She also said that she was still healing from the past. We just have to hope for the best for Emmy!


Kyle is such a dick! But he has his reasons…not that it excuses him. He is torn between trying to keep the family business from crashing from the secrets Jess is keeping and committing to Emmy. He’s selfish, just as selfish as she is, choosing to keep both women instead of moving on from one or the other. His reasons make more sense than Emmy’s – who really has no reason except for her own weaknesses. Kyle’s life is all work and no love, but Emmy is able to give him that. She is more than a lover to him, but she comforts him. Now I’m going too far – you’ll have to read about Kyle’s thoughts later. 😉 Just know that even though he’s a douche puddle, he truly really loved Em.


Yum. Luke. Luke is a stand up kind of guy. He knew there was something fishy going on between Em and Kyle, but he didn’t really know anything for sure at first. Rumors in the work place are always subjective. He loved Emmy before they even started dating. Keeping that in mind, maybe then one can understand why he stayed with her even when he really realized that she was cheating. Men and women do it all of the time – stick with someone who doesn’t deserve them. How many politicians wives have stood next to their husbands while they admitted their infidelities?

As for later in the story, Luke probably believes Emmy has been punished enough, and as her new role in his life, he sees her in a different light. She does, in essence, become a different person after all.



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