Conspiracy in Death

Started 6/8
Ended 6/10

Book 9

Lt. Eve Dallas and her assistant Delia Peabody, are called to a crime scene by Officer Ellen Bowers, and Officer Troy Trueheart. A homeless man is killed, his heart removed. The man’s heart is removed though, with the skill of a surgeon. Dallas and Peabody both know a serial killer is preying on the city sidewalk sleepers, and all of the cities resources, and Eve’s billionaire husband Roarke, give her no solid leads, except a free clinic run by a saintly doctor, Dr. Louise Dimatto. Soon though, three are dead, and Eve is running out of time.
Unfortunately for Eve, trouble is also coming from within the police force. Officer Ellen Bowers is deranged, and obsessed with Eve. She obsessively writes a journal about all the terrible things that, she believes, Eve has done. One night, going home to her apartment, still obsessing, Bowers is attacked, and killed.
The blame is quickly placed on Eve, who is stripped of her badge, and goes into a deep depression. Only her husband Roarke can bring her back, and help her figure out why four people are dead, and the terrible jealousy that motivated these murders.

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